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UAN Login : UAN means Universal Account Number.EPFO features to its UAn members through a single window for providing Universal Account Number (UAN) member portal has launched. For getting the UAN contact to your employer to obtain your UAN. Your UAN is readily available with employer. People can check visit the UAN based Member Portal website i.e. or

Active His EPFO UAN Selecting a link that requires a member Will Given ‘Activate your Uan’ was a member portal. Should the member needs a Uan, mobile and be available if the member time to Redily Active thier Uan were members on the portal. For Further details, please select the hyperlink “User Manual for Member ‘.

A universal number will be generated for each of the PF Account Number at EPFO. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to the same individual. The idea is to collate multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it. If a member has already been allotted Universal Account Number (UAN) then s/he may provide the same to new establishment/ employer which in turn will mark the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the Universal Identification Number (UAN).

UanMember can check UAN allotment status :

official website website::
-  Must obtain UAN no. and member id from employer.
-  Activation of the registration is mandatory.
-  Has to create user name and password for accessing UAN driven member portal.
-  Must have scanned copies of the KYC documents to be uploaded.

UANmembers EPFO Registration process :

visit EPFO UANmembers official site :
1. click at ‘Activate your UAN based registration’. This button is available at the bottom of the page.Agree to the terms and conditions.
2. Fill your details. You have to give the UAN number, PF member ID and mobile number.  Follow the guidelines while filling the EPF number. Note, fill only that mobile number which is permanent as this would be the only way to reset the forgot password.
3. After filling the details you have to enter the captcha and submit the form.
4. For mobile number authentication, you would get an authorization PIN into your mobile. Read the SMS and enter the PIN. You have to also tick on a small declaration and submit the form.
5. Once you submit the details, you would see your name, date of birth and employer details. verify it and create the password. The password should be alphanumeric, have minimum 1 special character and 8-25 character long. Special characters are !@#$%^&*(). Note you have to remember the password to login the UAN member portal.
Give email address and submit. This completes the UAN registration and activation. You would also get a confirmation SMS.

How to Download my EPFO passbook?
FIRST OF all, then you need login and password were then Uan be your member portal. Today I go to the menu ‘Download’ and select ‘Download passbook’. Given this link, if you download a PDF ALSO OF passbook is this.
visit Official website :
Goto  Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook 

How to Download UAN card ?
login and password Uan With Your valid. Today I go to the ‘Downloads’ menu and Select an option Uan free card’. Selecting a link Uan card Can be OF PDF Downloaded Given this was for a particular task, You Can Take a printout.

How to Check EPF balance Status :
visit site : or
click on login and password Uan With Your valid.
and check your balance.

Know your UANmembers Status?
To know UAN generation request status please follow the instruction below; Home page of UAN Members portal or
and go to , click on “Know your UAN Status”.

Documents can be used for KYC:-
The main objective behind this new function is to capture KYC details of its members in order to eliminate the dependency on the employer and improve the quality of service. The KYC  details will be tagged against the allotted UAN rather the member id thereby eliminating the redundancy.
  • National Population Register
  • Permanent Account Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Election Card
  • Ration Card
For more details visit official website : or .