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uanmembers Epfoservices For members lanched new site thats is this site makes through epfo services. For EPFO features to its UAn members through a single window for providing Universal Account Number (UAN) member unified portal has lanched.getting UAN members EPFO services portal to your employer to obtain uan login, Activate your UAN pin and Check your UAN status.

UAN members requires To ‘Activate your Uan’ was a member Should needs the members Uan, mobile and be available if the member time to Readily Active their Uan were members on the members portal. member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it.the allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the Universal Identification Number (UAN) using to Know your UAN Status.

Uanmembers Epfoservices new Unifiedportal UAN Login website :

How to Activate Your Uan :

1. Click on "Activate Your Uan ".
2. Enter your UAN Number.
3. ENter Member Id, Aadhar and pan.
4. fill your name, date of birth and Mobile number and Authorization It.

UanMember Check UAN Status :

Visit Official website link : 

1. Click on "Know Your UAN Status" Link,
2. Enter your member iD, Select State and office.
AAdhar Number
Pan number.
3. Fill your name, date of birth, Mobile Number and email ID and  Enter Captcha COde.
4. CLick on "Get authorization Pin".
5. By using  authorization Pin TO  your mobile.
6. gets Your UAN status.

How to Download my EPFO Member book?

Visit official website :
For Member Passbook : Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook .

For More details visit Official website :